How Shftr Works

How Shftr Works

For our Shftrs, they start off with onboarding within the Shftr mobile app and completing all the information needed for the three-step vetting process. Upon approval Shftrs are able to start looking at job listings in the app, apply for jobs, and upon being hired in the app get to work. At the end of each day or shift worked, the payment is released by the Shftr Partner to the Shftr’s wallet.

For our Shftr Partners start by posting their job right on to our mobile app. From there our Shftr Partners have the choice to either look at and hire the Shftrs on their own or have us do it on their behalf (with Shftr Partners having the final say). Then our Shftrs show up to work, do the tasks needed, and payment is released at the end of each day worked.

Who is a Shftr and Shftr Partner?

A Shftr is who we call our job candidate users. Once approved, Shftrs are able to apply for jobs found in the Shftr app as well as get paid through the app. There is no cost to Shftrs to sign-up. There is, however, a three-step user approval process that involves a background check. In the coming months, money tips and other financial literacy tools will be made available to all users.

A Shftr Partner is any business that uses Shftr for their hiring and other HR needs. To become a Shftr Partner, a business will have to pay for and/or subscribe to Shftr’s services. A complete list of our services can be sent to you if you fill out this form. From now through June 30th, any business that signs up to use Shftr will receive three months of free advertising in the app.

Other Questions

Why should I use Shftr for my HR needs?
Shftr takes the extra step to vet through all applicants with a three-step user approval process. We also take the extra step to not only pay the Shftrs for you, but also can take care of taxes and W2’s at the end of each tax year. 

Why should I use Shftr for my job search?
One of Shftr’s goals is empowering our users to earn it their way. Not only do we want to help our Shftrs find work, we also want our users to be able to get paid at the end of each day worked as well as save for any financial goals they may have. We strive to be much more than an app because we keep the interests of both our Shftrs and Shftr Partners in mind. 

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